A Story of Belonging

One of the nation’s top Realtors came to me needing better branding and creative campaigns that would demonstrate her values, skill and heart to the community. I combined Karen’s knowledge of Central Oregon history with my own knowledge of local flora and fauna to produce a new brand identity depicting an osprey in an indigenous … More A Story of Belonging

Fine Art Applied to Advertising

In a milieu of cookie-cutter, digitally-rendered graphics, our Goodnight Bend ads gained widespread attention and inspired a number of fond comments. The reaction to the ads was positive to say the least, and played a part in measurable growth of the business. … More Fine Art Applied to Advertising

Humor That Resonates

A newly-launched personal training studio needed an advertising campaign that would emphasize the benefits of their model over fitness clubs and gyms. I decided on a very fun and creative campaign lampooning some of the more challenging personalities one encounters in a large gym setting. The ads highlighted The Grunter: the muscular, steroid-sucking muscle-head on … More Humor That Resonates