Medical Branding Success Story

“Kelly, I was impressed both by your professionalism and reassurance during a project that can be intimidating to those that are not usually involved in this type of work. You were patient, relaxed, informative and above all confident in the process of your work. At one point in the process, when we thought we had the correct branding but it was rejected by the board of directors, I was ready to end the process. You reassured me that this was all part of the process and, again, you were correct. You came up with the name of “Mosaic Medical.” The name rang true–everyone loved it and the name came to be part of what the organization represented–taking broken people and helping them put their lives back together, just as broken glass is put together to create a beautiful art form called “mosaic.” The logo work…was amazing. Again, the color spectrum and graphic design represented exactly what we were trying to communicate, this time without words. I highly recommend your work to others and I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with you in the future.” Charla DeHate, CEO: Mosaic Medical